Clinical Care Services In London Borough of Barking & Dagenham, Havering and Chadwell Heath


Despite having a busy work schedule, there are countless ways of showing love, care, and affection to your loved ones. One way is spacing out the best and most reliable clinical health care assistants for your loved ones requiring medical attention. Shreeji Inc. Ltd. ensures high-quality supervision, offering health care assistants administering medication in various boroughs of London to bring out a bright and positive outcome for the patients’ health. We provide full-service medical and wellness centres to improve the quality of life for each patient through tailored care management with a holistic approach. Our clinical care centres are widely spread across several boroughs in London, like Barking and Dagenham, Havering, Chadwell Heath, and other neighbouring boroughs.


Our care teams provide various services laterally with compassion because, as caregivers, our beliefs lie in the most excellent satisfaction of our patients.

About Clinical Care

A form of one-to-one care designed to support various clinical health conditions – Clinical care services cover areas that require medium to high levels of nursing care depending on the individual’s situation, which could span an entire lifetime or a period of rehabilitation. Shreeji Inc. Ltd. believes easy access to healthcare is a key to better health outcomes.

Perks Of Picking Clinical Care Services

Quality Care

When selecting a service, our concerns are primarily about the quality assurance specified by the service provider. Contrasting to other medical services, we ensure that our clinical care services are provided according to a well-defined quality standard. Moreover, our regulations ensure that a timely check is kept on all our health care assistants for the betterment of the patient.


Timely Medication

Providing timely medication always plays a vital role in the patient’s life. However, sometimes we overlook the importance of delivering timely medication to our loved ones due to our busy schedules. Shreeji Inc. Ltd offers various services in the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham, Havering, Chadwell Heath, and other boroughs, making the lives of our clients easy by managing and administering medication in care at home and thereby reliving you from your one inevitable responsibility for few hours.


Monitoring Health

Our well-trained and equipped clinical staff make it a due point to administer and track progress made by the patient. Additionally, choosing our efficient personal caregivers also safeguards the interest of the patients as they already know what care is required for a specific type of illness. Thus, giving the doctor a better outlook on the condition of the patients certifies a scope for better medical care treatment.


Personalized Care Services

It is observed that using customized care services can stimulate a better outcome of medication, leading to faster recovery. Also, using personalized assistance, you can choose from various services like health care assistants administering medication, 24/7 care services, time health and progress checks, physical and much more. Thus, it cut downs unnecessary costs while not compromising the health of your loved ones.


Effective Time Management

Taking your loved ones with morbidity for an everyday walk or doing brain exercises has never been easy. Most of the time effective time management can become a hassle. At Shreeji Inc. Ltd., we take immense pride in our well-trained staff coordinating and organizing tasks efficiently and effectively, considering the patients’ choices and preferences while keeping in mind their abilities.


Daily Chores

Other than providing medical assistance and tracking progress made by the patient, we also take on several other chores required by the patient. Our personal care services in vast boroughs like Havering, Barking and Dagenham and Chadwell Heath include helping the patient with bathing, showering, personal hygiene and dressing. Our staffs also support other household tasks essential for the patient, like meal preparation, changing bed sheets or helping with the laundry.

Clinical Care Services