We believe that it is important that Children and Young people have fun and have the same opportunities as any other Children and Young people to grow and to develop.

Our staff have practical experience in dealing with Challenging behaviour, Autistic spectrum disorder, Complex health needs, Physical disabilities, and Sensory impairment. Our staff encourage and support the child or young person to be as independent as possible, to live a full and active life.

Personal care

  • We support the child/young person to get ready for school in the morning. During these tasks they are encouraged to be as independent as possible, doing as much as possible for themselves by making the activities fun.

Enabling service –

  • We support the child/young person to access community facilities such as swimming, skating, shopping, and visits to the library for reading and computer time. We also support young people in the transition from school to college.
  • We provide one to one support at school, medical appointments, and activities at home

We support and promote independence rather than taking over things that you can do.

We will provide all the care and services you and your family need and want- e.g.

Home Care Services